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And now these three remain
faith | hope | love

Student Leadership

Student leadership is a way for students to learn what it means to “be the church” and to put that love into action by serving in all areas of ministry. And we believe there is no greater way to do that than by serving.


Involved Parents

Being involved in your youth’s spiritual journey is one of the most important things you can do. It’s no different that being in the stands cheering them on at a sporting event. The need you to cheer them on as they develop their own faith.

Dedicated Volunteers

Having a team of dedicated volunteers is crucial when youth are growing in their faith. Having different voices, with different experiences, from different walks of life, give youth a well rounded understanding of Jesus.

Our business is Jesus and community.

We desire to grow more like Jesus and to share what he has done in our lives with others. Our priority is to develop a community of love, hope and trust in the midst of the yearnings of youth culture. That is the business of our youth ministry.

The purpose of our youth ministry is not merely to remember the story but to be and share the story. We are all about risking, learning, laughing and experimenting. Letting loose the energies of God’s people in order to give birth to new life. Sometimes we defy definition and we are often more of an art form than a mission statement. Because of Jesus and the life he’s given we are always larger than life.

In this journey, we call life we know that the most important step in finding the right direction is to fall in love with Jesus.


SNAC Supper

We thank you in advance for supporting the “snack supper” ministry to our youth in THR33 youth. We ask parents and church members to provide AND serve ONE meal at our Sunday evening meetings. If everyone answers this call to participate you will only have to serve once a school year. In the event that not all dates are filled, parents will be assigned a date. If the date does not fit your schedule, please call someone else on the list and switch nights with them. A current list can be found below. We’ve included a few guidelines concerning the preparing and serving of a “snack supper” to our youth. If you have any questions please contact Mike.

  • Remember that it is a “snack” supper; therefore, we are not obligated to make sure all stomachs are packed full.
  • Suggestions: pizza, hot dogs, tacos, potato bar, bagel bites, turkey/ham sandwiches, chicken nuggets, etc.
  • Plan for 20+ youth and 3 adults. We ask that you bring supper and dessert.
  • You do not need to bring drinks, plates, cups, napkins, or utensils as they can be found in the Sturgis Kitchen.
  • We eat at 4:00 pm, so you should arrive by 3:45pm to set up and be prepared to serve.
  • We have a few vegetarians as well, so please keep them in mind.
  • We also have one that needs a gluten free meal.


Sunday Night Live

Sunday’s at 4:00pm
This is our main event here at FUMC Arkadelphia. You never know what you might see. Food, fellowship, fun, and sometimes a weird guy dressed up in underwear…yeah you read right. This is what we call our front door ministry. If you’re looking for a youth group…stop by and see us, it’s very informal and quite friendly.
Here’s the schedule:
* 4:00pm-Games&Mixers-These may include single persons or group participation, some are messy, some make you think, some may get you to work with others, but most of you’ll have a lot of FUN
* 4:30pm-Snack Supper (Pizza, Subway, McDonalds, Nacho’s, Frito Pie…just to name a few)
* 5:00pm-Worship(ah yeah)-This is what connects us with God. Our worship service may include; music, drama, dancing, jumping, singing, laughing, crying, stillness, awe, unity, and whatever else God wants to see in this hour.


Wednesday’s @ 5:30 pm Need a place to fit?? A place to belong?? A place where you can deepen you faith and understand what God wants from you?? Then be part of a small group that will be there for you, to listen, to love, to learn…..together. We start our night with Bible study, digging deep into God’s word, then after that we move to worship, not your ordinary worship, but a time that you can slow down for just a little bit and listen for God’s small still voice. SALT groups are small groups for senior high students. Groups are made of approximately 10-12 students and a caring adult leader. SALT meets weekly throughout the school year upstairs in the Sturgis building on Wednesday nights from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Being involved in a SALT Group is an awesome way to connect with other senior high students and grow closer to God. Groups will spend time laughing, praying, learning, and serving together.

Sunday School

Discipleship is very important here at FUMC, beginning with the very young and following through to the youth,  we provide the foundation to a lifelong process of spiritual growth and acceptance of our God of love.  At FUMC, we strive to provide our  youth with a sense of belonging, a pride in their faith and a safe place for social gatherings. Class discussion, small group interaction, activities and video are all used to help reinforce what is being taught.  Sunday School meets in the youth classroom upstairs in the Sturgis Building starting at 10am.

Prodigal Productions

info coming soon


First of all, DCYM stands for the District Council on Youth Ministry.
We minister to the youth who are involved in our local churches, and help build their faith by putting on district-wide youth rallies.
We help youth develop into leaders at all levels of the United Methodist Church:
our local church youth groups;
our district boards and agencies;
our conference and jurisdictional councils on youth ministry.
We educate youth on social and missional issues, and advocate for these issues on behalf of our youth.

ACCYM is about fellowshipping with fellow United Methodist youth and adult leaders from around the state of Arkansas! We do this by creating and promoting conference-wide youth rallies such as Veritas, Assembly, and Refuge that strengthen the bonds of Christian fellowship. Above all else, the ACCYM works to help youth become real disciples of Jesus Christ! We help youth develop a life-long personal faith commitment to the Christian gospel, and educate youth on social and missional issues for which they may advocate.

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